Acceptance and Commitment Therapy 


In this approach to emotional distress, a primary aim is to increase your ability to experience each moment based upon the situation rather than by habit.  Therapy sessions include exercises to help you identify and experience thoughts, feelings, memories, and physical sensations without being overwhelmed.  You will learn skills to look at events from many perspectives, develop better clarity about your personal values, and commit to any changes you want to make so that you can live life in harmony with these values. Although this treatment is customized to you, a typical course of ACT is approximately 8-20 fifty-minute sessions.

Teaching the strategies of acceptance and mindfulness, and through the use of metaphors and stories from your life, together you and Dr. Brandon will put the “monsters” in their place that seem to be keeping you from the place you want to be.  If you’d like to know more about this therapy, you can check out this website: