Psychotherapy is more than talking—it is a focused approach to addressing emotional distress by exploring your individual characteristics, the context (environment) in which your symptoms are triggered or maintained, and the access you have to supportive relationships.  Just like psychiatrists who prescribe medications according to your symptoms and unique physical characteristics, psychologists can choose approaches to psychotherapy based upon what you believe is troubling you the most.  Currently Dr. Brandon has limited openings for teletherapy; here are the approaches drawn upon in her work with patients:

​What to expect on your first visit: 

In the first meeting with Dr. Brandon, you will talk about what symptoms are bothering you right now, and the history of where you think these symptoms began or what triggered the distress.  It will also be important to talk about any past experiences you’ve had with therapists or mental health professionals to identify what has or has not worked for you in the past.  Collaboratively you and Dr. Brandon will identify what might be the best treatment to begin, carefully considering the time you have to invest in psychotherapy treatment.  Often people feel some relief after this first session, particularly when there is a plan in place to address the distress.

 Artwork:  "Ansistors" by Linda Carmel